[INTERVIEW] Overthrust to play ORLIE Festival in Angola

The next couple months will be busy for Ghanzi, Botswana-based deathmetal band Overthrust. First, they head up to Angola to perform in the ORLEI fest in Huambo, and then depart for Europe to play a slew of gigs in Germany and Holland. Overthrust made a name for themselves worldwide last year when they rocked the audience at Wacken, the world’s biggest metal festival. After which they proceeded to play several other gigs in Germany and Switzerland, winning countless new fans. No doubt, they left a strong impression that got them invited back to Germany this year, while catching the attention of the organizers of ORLEI, Angola’s rock and metal festival.

So we here at Audioinferno spoke to the vocalist of Overthrust which goes by the name of Tshomarelo Mosaka who is also called VultureThrust. Enjoy the Interview

Audioinferno: So how did it come to be that you are playing in Angola?

After playing in Wacken and with a very good performance, the whole word knew about us and they started googling about us on the internet and liked our music and everyone wanted us to play in their countries.

Audioinferno: Everyone, that’s wonderful. It’s great to see that Overthrust has progressed over the years. I can proudly say, it’s one of the biggest and known death-metal bands in Africa. How do you feel about that?

That’s great, we have so grown to be the most famous deathmetal band in Africa without even us recognising it and that’s because we do what we love best with passion and commitment without putting money at the far front, we think metal first and our music called old school death metal before thinking about making money from it because money can destroy your carrier if you put it before anything. I thank all our fans for the support.

Audioinferno: Do you think your presence in the ORLEI Festival could help grow the popularity of metal in Angola, or at least foster wider acceptance amongst those who have misconceptions about the genre called metal?

Of course yes, for the past 10 years now of our existence as an underground band we have displayed a positive attitude, total opposite of what some narrow minded judging people thought negative of us and that has lead to number of people changing their negative thinking about us to positive attitude. I can tell you currently that we have a lot of followers that at first were criticising us and because we didn’t give up it worked for us. Our annual charity metal festival that we do also present a positive image to the public about metal people.

Audioinferno: Overthrust is well known for having international gigs and representing Africa internationally wise. What have other countries in Africa Overthrust played in?

South Africa: Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Audioinferno: What’s your say about the metal scene in Africa? Do you think it’s popular in Botswana and what African metal bands do you listen to?


Metal scene is growing very in Africa. South Africa have a huge scene in Africa and in the past years we have seen African metal scene coming together as one and bands getting exposed to the world. We have a small population in Botswana but the scene is so identical and special. We are so old school and we had always kept it that way, I listen to any metal band available from anyway in the world and back home-Africa my favourite bands are Noisey road, Metal Orizon, Wrust, Crackdust, Skinflint, Dust N Fire, Remuda, Raven N Flesh and as for South Africa metal bands, Maximum Carnage, Ardoned in Ashes, Bleeding Spawn, Demogoroth Satanum and Bloodbeast.

Audioinferno: So! Just about 2 weeks until you play the ORLEI Festival in Angola, tell us how excited are you knowing that you will be playing in Angola?

Very excited. We played Gorofest in 2015 in South Africa and there we did share stage with a band from Angola “Last Shout” the band was good and there were 2 ladies in the band, damn!! very cute and that i said to myself all Angola ladies must be very cute, haha…something extra that has fueled us to even want to play in Angola. Well after all is all about metal. We are a family obviously we are so excited to go meet our metal brothers and sisters in Angola.

Audioinferno: The drummer and the vocalist of the Angolan death metal band “Last Shout” are quite pretty. Especially the vocalist, she growls like a beast in human flesh. So I heard you’re playing in Kenya later this year, how true is this?

Is not confirmed yet. It was a proposal from one of the organizers but possibilities are for next year April.

Audioinferno: What would you say are the ultimate 5 item package for a great festival weekend in Angola? 5 things you would NEED for it to be brutal?
  • Brutal sound

  • Brutal lights

  • Brutal stage

  • Brutal crowd

  • Beeeeeeeeeeer

Audioinferno: Haha! Awesome Vulturethrust, I thought you were going to add Vultures to the list because of the fans that will get hit up as a result of your brutality on stage so your Vultures can eat them up.

Haha, thanks bro and yes add it.

Audioinferno: Nice, so anything you like to say to your Angola fans as you grace their shores?

Overthrust is so amped and ready to give them the best of Overthrust non stop. Overthrust merchandise will be available.

That is all for the interview. Angola metal fans, hope you are ready to experience some brutal dosages of brutality. Their merchandise will be also available so get ready, buy a tee shirt and be ready to mosh till your necks fall off.



You heard that right, get your merch, bring some beer (18 or 21+) and get ready to have the most brutal rock experience ever.

But whatever you do, be responsible


Support your local Bands!!!!


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