Adorned In Ash Performing ‘Descent to Hell’ and ‘Evangelion’ LIVE.

LIVE VIDEO FROM ADORNED IN ASH. We kind of stumble on these things sometime, or sometimes we get told about it. Still, we love us a live performance and we have a pretty sweet band doing it here. Robyn Ferguson and the crew are at it with both songs Descent to Hell and Evangelion. Something for the trivia hounds out there, the new bassist, Colin Deacon also featured in the video. Wishing him well here too. Let us know what you think about him to people. Here’s the video:

Let us know what you think guys and be sure to follow the band on YouTube. I mean, how else will you see them play from time to time? On a TV? We’ll we hope, yes, but, YouTube for now. Hope you like the video people, remember, support your local bands /,,/



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