We Waited and We Finally Have It: RockazWorld Magazine

A couple of weeks ago, we caught wind of the good fellas at RockazWorld releasing a magazine, a digital magazine. We flipped. We knew for a fact this was a big deal and as cautious humans we also had to temper our expectations too. Yea I said it. We’ve seen these things happen and then poof, gone… nothing! But this isn’t the case with the magazine. Far from it. We have seen the magazine and we all agree it is glorious.

Well, we know the people directly involved with the process of bring this together, we also know better than mentioning them all individually. The RockazWorld Team should be acknowledged as a whole and we think that is fitting. Chances are you want to download the magazine and stop reading this, we have you covered. Head on to the their site HERE.

I wish I was allowed to talk about the details in the magazine but c’mon. You don’t want that, I don’t want that, the universe doesn’t want that either. Be sure to snag a copy and tag the guys at RockazWorld on their Twitter Page or Instagram page letting them know how you feel about the magazine. Tell them we sent you… We’re doing this reference thing in hopes that if they ever decide to sell the magazines we get them for free. We hope this is working.

Here’s a bonus question for you: Is this Nigeria’s first Rock Magazine? 


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