[INTERVIEW] Evagren to play at Botswana metal Festival ‘Rock the Nation’

Evagren are a band not everyone will be familiar with, but like Dust N Fire, they play a metal/hard rock hybrid with broad appeal, though they refer to themselves as alternative rock. Though they gig regularly and have appeared on the bill of several national rock/metal fests, they have not recorded any material.

Enjoy the interview with Pinion Bale / Bassist of Evagrena

Audioinferno: My name is Austin from Audioinferno, please introduce yourself?


My name is Pinion Bale bassist for the Band EVAGREN from Botswana.

Audioinferno: So Audioinferno would be interviewing all the bands playing in RTN 7, how do you feel about that?


Great, i hope that gives RTN exposure and in turn benefit the Botswana metal scene. It will be a pleasure to be part of that history.

Audioinferno: Is this your first time hearing about Audioinferno?


No i have seen you guys on facebook and I get some breaking news frequently regarding metal from you guys.

Audioinferno: Good. So how many times have you played in RTN festival?


We have played in RTN for the 5th time out of the 7 shows since its existence and i have seen it grow from a small gig to been the event it is now.

Audioinferno: So how and when was your band formed?


The Band Evagren is a three piece band made up of me Pinion Bale(bass), Md Lexy Thor on guitars and vocals and Thapelo Ntembezela on drums. The band started in 2008 but suffered a set back when the original drummer left, we were joined by Thapelo on the year 2014 and we were back in motion to date, we have 14 unreleased songs. The band was formed by Pinion Bale and Md lexy Thor from childhood dreams as we used to listen to too much metal together, the other founding member Carlos gave up guitar playing but we remained committed and saw the birth of this band.

Audioinferno: 14 unreleased songs, what do you think is the main problem why you haven’t released the songs?


The biggest challenge we face is money and proper studios to record our tracks, the best studios are in South Africa and to go there you have to think about transport and accommodation before you think of studio time, our local studios don’t have much experience with recording metal so we been saving for recording and the plan is to record before december.

Audioinferno: That’s almost every problem in the African metal scene. Bands release tracks but no where to record due to no studios.


Exactly you record locally, they mess up everthing.

Audioinferno: So how would you describe your music, what are your musical influences?


We started way back as Metallica fans, and progressed with time to bands like linkinpark, incubus, sum41, foofighters, killswitch engage, system of a down. Our songs range accross the sounds of this bands that i mentioned and to classify our music, i will say we play new metal to heavy metal but its up to the person listening to see where we are in the range of metal genres.

Audioinferno: What is take on the state of African metal scene?


African metal scene is growing and is doing so at a fast pace, now the thing left for us as artist is to debug the myths attached to metal music and its fans. Here in botswana we are already doing so, we now see the rise in new fans coming to our shows. Playing more shows and having more upcoming bands will final set the African metal scene on fire.

Audioinferno: Any plans to release recorded material in the near future?


Yes there is a plan, we have been raising funds to at least release before december.

Audioinferno: Great so in all the RTN festivals you have played in. Which is your favourite?


Last year was my favourite, it was well organised and it was in a bush camp, there were 2 south african bands which graced the occasion. The venue was good, the crowd and sound were excellent, we played and mermerised the crowd.

Audioinferno: How do you see your RTN performance this year?


This year its gonna be big, we have 5 bands from South Africa and one from Mozambique. This year it will be epic.
Support your local bands and stay tuned to Audioinferno concerning Evagren.


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