[PRESS RELEASE] REPJ360 Hosts First Concert Tagged ‘TANNA’

RepJ360 have been on the Nigerian Pop/Alternative Rock scene for a short while. In this time they have shown no signs of slowing down, playing shows and growing a fan base that they truly deserve.

RepJ360 do not define themselves as a gospel band. Of course that might pose some confusion for some as the “J” in their name stands for Jesus. Gospel music as we know it insinuates a restriction to only music that has a lyrical content of words such as “God”, “Christ”, “Jesus” and so on. Indeed, they are professing Christians and they believe Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life but they do not believe that the expression of that message is only limited to certain keywords or buzzwords.

They say Christianity is not a religion and therefore is not bound by rules and regulation, but is bound by a relationship with God (that is a longing to know God through His son Jesus). So the way they see it is, the expression of Christ is a vast multidimensional experience and cannot be boxed up (except within the confides of the bible, which in itself a vast expression of God).

Therefore, in their journey as musicians they have decided to stick with the name RepJ360 to always remind themselves that Jesus is the reason and that to represent Him is to achieve all goals that might be set. That is why they say RepJ360 is not simply a name but a statement to the band and everybody that might come across them – Represent Jesus in everything.

The band is hosting their first concert tagged “Tanna” – a Yoruba phrase that translates to “turn on the light”. The concert is a first from the band and an exclusive event targeted towards lovers of clean music, Rock music or Nigerian alternative music in general. The concert will feature the band performing their original songs as well as several covers.

As is the band’s ideal, the concert is not a “church concert” but will feature Christian elements, which the band emphasizes is not a religion but simply a way of life. They hope to cause people to shine their metaphoric lights, which the band interprets as showing kindness to a neighbour or being the best you can be, regardless of circumstance.

The concert is happening at No. 2 Mercy Eneli Street, RCCG Jesus Sanctuary, Masha, Surulere, Lagos.

Tickets cost One Thousand Naira only, you can get them online at tinyurl.com/repjtanna or buy them physically direct from the band, simply contact them on their social media or email or catch them at an event near you (stalk their social media for more details).

Tickets are going fast so you best get yours before the show sells out. There is the option of coming at 2PM for an early concert or coming later at 5PM for an evening concert.



Limited Space remain and the band has stated that there is a high probably that those spaces will not remain for long. So buying tickets in advance is encouraged, as there might not be any ticket sales at the gate. You can buy tickets from the band directly, if you catch them at any event near you or you can buy your ticket online at www.tinyurl.com/repjtanna, be sure to leave your details so the band can keep you apprised.




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