[INTERVIEW] Adorned in Ash to play at Botswana metal Festival ‘Rock the Nation’

South Africa’s Adorned in Ash is no doubt one of the biggest names in the lineup. They play extreme metal with Christian lyrics, fronted by Robyn Ferguson on guitar and vocals. One of the most well-known bands in South Africa, Adorned in Ash formed in 2008 and released their debut album, The Dead Walk Among Us, in 2014. They won Best Death Metal band at the South African Metal Music Awards in 2015, and went on to play many fests in South Africa, ultimately gaining enough recognition to be noticed by Jackson guitars and made one of the brand’s “official artists.” They should be dropping another album in the not-so-distant future and are definitely a band to keep your eye on, as they are undeniably going places in the metal world.

Enjoy the interview with Mary Ivey / Drummer of Adorned in Ash

Audioinferno: How many times have you played RTN before? Have you played at any other national or international fests before?

Adorned in Ash:

This is our first time playing at the RTN festival, although we did play last year at the Winter Metal Mania Festival. We have played across South Africa and twice in Mozambique as well.

Audioinferno: How would you describe your music? What are some of your influences?

Adorned in Ash:

It’s a difficult question to answer as we combine a lot of the extreme metal genres in one big melting pot, therefore we refer to it as Hybrid metal or simply Extreme metal. Each member has many influences, both in terms of what we listen to and various styles that we have learned and can play. We use these experiences to create an interesting concoction of metal.

Audioinferno: How and when was the band formed?

Adorned in Ash:

Mark formed the band in late 2008. Our first live gig was in Feb 2010. Currently we have played 134 live shows.

Audioinferno: Any plans to release recorded material in the near future?

Adorned in Ash:

We are in the last stages of planning and analysis for our 2nd full length album. Recording will begin in the next few months.

Audioinferno: Do you find that there will be challenging obstacles in the process of releasing recorded material?

Adorned in Ash:

In terms of obstacles we may face in the process of recording, there will always be some type of budget constraints. However we have planned very carefully and can guarantee that everything from the artwork to the music itself will be of excellent standard and quality.

Audioinferno: What is your take on the state of the African rock/metal scene?

Adorned in Ash:

It is hard to accurately gauge the state of the African metal scene to be honest because we don’t often see it in-depth. However this will be our 4th sojourn outside of South Africa and we can safely say that the passion of the people is second to none. This is something to be immensely proud of. As long as metal is in our heart and pumping through our veins there is no need to compare it to another scene, because it’s the love and passion that drives us all, whether we are fans or in bands.

Audioinferno: Is your fan-base primarily domestic, primary African/neighboring scenes, or worldwide?

Adorned in Ash:

Our fan base would predominantly be based in South Africa, however we have sold a good amount of albums in other African countries. Our album “The dead walk among us” is also available in hard copy on many online sites found in the USA, Australia, Sweden, Norway as well as being available on every major digital download site. We have therefore sold a fair measure of albums outside of the continent, particularly in the USA.

Audioinferno: Any plans on playing gigs in Europe or the Americas, where rock/metal is biggest?

Adorned in Ash:

We would love to play in those regions and to be honest this  is a source of some frustration. We have had contact with many festivals/organisers however the financial constraint is the only hurdle thus far. But after the release of the 2nd album we will be hoping to overcome this obstacle.

Audioinferno: What do you think you and other African bands can do to spread knowledge of the scene and bands worldwide?

Adorned in Ash:

Firstly, African bands must continue to strive for musical excellence. They must get the best quality recording they can produce and market it via the plethora of outlets available these days. At the end of the day, it always comes down to writing a good song, expressing emotion in the product and creating a piece of art that the band can be proud of. Not trying to make music for public acclaim but for the passion in their heart. Practice hard and well and be professional.

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