Jelena Dobric and Melik Melik Khalifa of the Tunisian metal band ‘Persona’ features in an upcoming movie ‘Tunis by Night’

It’s good to hear our African metal bands are getting some recognition. Honestly it’s the first time hearing an African metal band featuring in a movie. When Melik Khalifa of the Tunisian metal band ‘Persona’ told me about the movie, i was amazed but then when he mentioned Jelena Dobric, the lady behind the amazing voice of Persona was going to be featured also, it all became interesting in my head.

The movie is set before the Tunisian revolution of 2011, i play the role of Selim who is the boyfriend of the main character whose name is Aziza and we both play characters who are into the rock/metal scene. But I am the “bad boy”/badass boyfriend, she’s completely into me; and I’m sort of abusing her. We also play in a band together in the movie, she sings and i play the electric guitar ~ Melik Khalifa / Persona

The movie is produced by Gaia productions – Tunisie C-Story Productions and Polimovie international pictures. Stay tuned to Audioinferno for updates on this upcoming movie.


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