Interview With The Cosmic Strange

Credit: Bernard Brand

Billy (Audioinferno):  Can you tell me a bit about the band?

Nick (The Cosmic Strange): Josh and I shared some previous projects together and we leaned towards doing something different from before. James also came on board early on, and we rotated drummers a bit, eventually settling with Jethro. The direction took somewhat of a shift after Jethro joined and what you hear on our latest release is what we came up with.

Billy (Audioinferno):  How has the journey been for you guys so far in terms of Challenges & Achievements

Nick (The Cosmic Strange): Personally, hearing our songs for the first time on radio and it killing the charts was such a crazy experience. Let’s not forget, us sharing the stage with some great local bands.

Billy (Audioinferno):  What’s the response been like from fans since the release of your new EP?

Josh (The Cosmic Strange): Seems pretty positive so far. We have received some good reviews as well as feedback.

Billy (Audioinferno):  What was the creative process like while making the EP?

Nick (The Cosmic Strange): *laughs* This was really something else. We initially recorded at different studios, and not being totally happy with the results, we ended up trying it ourselves because we had a certain sound in mind. Sometimes we’re full of sh*t like that. Third time’s the charm.

Billy (Audioinferno):  How would you describe your sound using this EP as a reference point?

  • Nick (The Cosmic Strange): I suppose the best way to describe it is a cluster of tracks written at different points in time over the last year and a half, and as such, they have their own flavour really.

Josh (The Cosmic Strange): Overall though we tapped into our common love for energetic reverb-drenched guitars and spaced synth textures.

Billy (Audioinferno):   What’s your favourite song off the EP?

Nick (The Cosmic Strange): Sunsnare

Josh (The Cosmic Strange): The Tide

Jethro (The Cosmic Strange):  Whatever Goes

James (The Cosmic Strange): Sunsnare

Billy (Audioinferno):  Who are your musical influences?

Josh: Not to rehash the cliché artist response, but we genuinely listen to and have been influenced by so many different types of music, from indie rock, to psychedelic rock, to synthpop and even hip hop. Nick and I are constantly discovering and sharing new music on a weekly basis, and during the writing process for this EP we were listening to a lot of Foals, Portugal. The Man, Cage the Elephant, and Tame Impala.

Billy (Audioinferno):  What shows/gigs are you playing at for the rest of 2017?

Nick(The Cosmic Strange): Best place is to catch us on our Facebook page, we promote all our events there. We have a few in the works, but we’re currently concentrating on releasing more material soon, so definitely keep your eyes open!

Billy (Audioinferno):   What song would you recommend to someone who wanted to listen to “The Cosmic Strange” for the first time?

Nick (The Cosmic Strange): People seem to like Sunsnare, so go for that!

Billy (Audioinferno):   This was awesome. Thanks, guys.

Nick(The Cosmic Strange): Thanks for having us

That’s all folks.

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