Introducing the Angolan Rock Band – OVELHA NEGRA

OVELHA NEGRA was initially formed by Gaudino Lopes and Erick Hendrix when they started looking for members in early 2015. In Angola the hardest to find are drummers but fortunately, the band early on included Vlado Teixeira who was part of the band Sinner Seventeen. With the passing of the months, Yannick Matos, who has already been part of the KOMUKEIRAS BAND as bass player, from the band Situação Precoce as Lead Guitar and from the band Fumaça Negra as Bass player, is now playing Lead Guitar in the current band. With the entrance of Yannick came vocalist Mag Oga Jackson derived from a band that was in Stand-By “Paranoia” formed by Jay Santos and Eros Eloy. The band’s final lineup featured Yannick Matos on guitar, Vlado Teixeira on drums, Mag Oga Jackson on vocals and Gaudino Lopes on bass.

At the beginning of 2017, Gaudino Lopes leaves the band for personal reasons.

Currently, the band consists of:

Mag Oga Jackson:    Vocal
Yannick Matos:         Bass
Jay Santos: Guitar     Lead n ‘Solo
Vlado Teixeira:         Drums

Pictures of the band.

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