Norbormide vocalist, Daude Carimo Sulemangy gets married and we have pictures!

Ever since I watched a Norbormide live-show video clip, I fell in love instantly with the band. This Mozambicans are sick, the vocalist is a beast in a human flesh and can perform miracles on the mic. As you all know, the band have got nice reviews from around Africa and I am glad, they are getting shows. When they played in Kenya, some of my Kenyan friends that came for the show couldn’t stop messaging me, telling me how sick they were and people actually got pregnant in the mosh pit.

They recently played in South Africa in which they had a very good review and on 22/23rd of September, they would be playing in Botswana at the ‘Rock the Nation’ festival. Norbormide is a band that I can say when they are actually sponsored, they would take the world by storm and they would represent Africa worldwide.

On 12th of August, Daude Carimo Sulemangy who is the vocalist of the band got married to his lovely wife, Erica at Otay Eventos in Mozambique. It was a memorable one.

Pictures from the Wedding

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