Pictures from The UNPLUGGED JAM in Cameroon.

Isabella is an acoustic rock band formed in 2016 by Paulhan Wetbe from local Symphonic/Prog band Dreamfast, and Lionel Edouard from C’s spirit. Both leaders from their respective band merged and created Isabella, with the intention to play Rock music in an acoustic form to gain more attention from the Cameroonian public, which is not yet used to the heavy sound of Metal music.

Since then, Isabella performed on many stages, covering popular rock songs and original songs. They also paid tribute on July 30 after Chester Bennington of Linkin Park passing.

After some great reactions from, fans and newbies in rock music, Isabella decided to record an EP. But before that Isabella organised “The Unplugged JAM”, a live acoustic show on Aug 19. The purpose was to rehearse live, songs that will figure on the EP and the début album, to see how people would react after their release, but without them knowing. The event was a success despite some technical difficulties

These pictures are from the Unplugged Jam.

Anyone notice how Paulhan Wetbe have the pose of a topnotch metal guitarist ? You should see him handle the guitar, you’ll be amazed on what he can and could do.

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