[INTERVIEW] Raven in Flesh to play at Botswana metal Festival ‘Rock the Nation’

Audioinferno: How many times have you played RTN before?
Raven in Flesh:

Once, we are also armed for a total annihilation of RTN 2017, then it means we will be bringing mayhem to RTN for the second time this September 22 & 23.

Audioinferno: Have you played at any other national or international fests before?
Raven in Flesh:

We have played a lot of regular and annual fests around the country, we have never played outside Botswana.

Audioinferno: What are some of your musical influences?
Raven in Flesh:

Would answer the question about what inspires us to make this kind of Music. We draw inspiration from different sources. We are inspired by what life has to offer to humanity. Our everyday experiences with life; reality, sorrow, passion, anger, lust, love, regrets, desires, hopes, emptiness, misanthropy, the quest to explore darkness. We are also inspired by our favourite Old School Metal bands from different Metal genres such as Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, and Black Metal.

Audioinferno: How would you describe your music?
Raven in Flesh:

We play the darkest, cruel, filthy, satanic, punishing, and honest genre of Metal called: TSWANIAN BLACK METAL.

Audioinferno: How and when was the band formed?
Raven in Flesh:

The band was formed in October 2015. We will share the story about how the band was formed in the future, it’s a very long story.

Audioinferno: Any plans to release recorded material in the near future?
Raven in Flesh:

We have plans to do so.


Audioinferno: Do you find that there will be challenging obstacles in the process of releasing recorded material?
Raven in Flesh:

As long as we are “fully” prepared to do so there won’t be any obstacles.

Audioinferno: What is your take on the state of the African rock/metal scene?
Raven in Flesh: 

Is your fan-base primarily domestic, primary African/neighboring scenes, or worldwide? Metal has no boundaries, Whether the band is from Asia, US, Africa or Europe if its great then it shall get the recognition it deserve, even if it’s an underground Metal band. There are Metalheads who support underground Metal Music irregardless of where the band is from. We have bands from Africa and specifically from my country (Botswana) that has played the biggest Metal festivals in the world like Wacken, as well as bands that have built a strong reputations for themselves in Europe and the U.S, therefore I can say African Metal scene have experienced such a dramatic growth in the past years and there is a huge growth as compared to 10 years back. What we know is that the Metal Scene in Africa is strong regardless of whether it’s underground or well-known. Show organizers in different African countries are able to make successful shows with the support of Metalheads who are always there to support their local bands. As for us (Raven In Flesh), we can be thankful to Metalheads who have been very supportive to us since we started playing our music. There are plenty of Metalheads in our local scene who never miss our gigs/shows that we play, and the same people do support the band by buying the Merchandise. Those die-hard fans are the soul that keeps us going therefore we can’t shy away to say we have built a very strong fan-base locally. As soon as we release either an EP or a full length album then we shall see what’s going to happen in the neighbouring countries and the world

Audioinferno: Any plans on playing gigs in Europe or the Americas, where rock/metal is biggest?
Raven in Flesh: 

We are concerned with recording our music. If an opportunity for us to play outside comes then of course we shall go and raise mayhem.

Audioinferno: What do you think you and other African bands can do to spread knowledge of the scene and bands worldwide?
Raven in Flesh: 

The availabilityty of the Internet has made every information to be possibly accessible worldwide. Therefore it’s up to individuals to spread whatever information they have to spread to the world through the internet if they have to. But as for us we are just going to focus more on making music. We are not going to follow anyone’s way of doing thing, and if it means our “BLACK METAL” scene is going to stay underground forever, we don’t have a problem with that. Precious Stones are difficult to find/discover, therefore whoever is willing to discover our Scene will have to dig more and discover it.

Support your local bands \m/


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