[Debut EP Release] Like, a Million Alligators by Aimed at You

Aimed at You is a six-piece hard rock/metal band that prefers life as one great big, relatively well-behaved party. We’re a mixed bag of influences, packaged in a group that shares a great love for our scene and comprises some of its biggest fans.

Aimed at You will be releasing their debut E.P – Like, A Million Alligators. The release is scheduled for 21 September 2017. This EP will be held very close to our heart; for as much is this is our very first release, this EP is the bittersweet departure of our brother Lionel. We could not let him be in the band for 4 years without having something released! With this being a farewell project, all our tracks are made freely available for download on our official Bandcamp page, located at https://aimedatyou.bandcamp.com/ Download it, love it, tell your friends about it! We want to give huge appreciation to Dave Dippenaar of Sordid Studios for all the work he has put into making this release a reality.

Aimed at You also has two videos available for viewing on our Youtube channel:

Ballache (Official Music Video)

Tin Can Logic Live (2016/05/13 – Smuggler’s Pub)

Since the formation of Aimed at You, we have prided ourselves on our passion for the South African metal scene and enthusiasm to watch it flourish. To this end we have the habit of selflessly promoting our peers in the music industry, and have had the great privilege to share the stage with such incredible acts as World War Me, The Drift, Deity’s Muse, Dirty Moonshine, Raptorbaby, Riddlebreak and many more during some crazy and rowdy parties/events/gigs. Most likely we’ll be found in the front, cheering these bands on. With this selfless attitude, Aimed at You strives to bring jams that are not just tasty, but that you can bob your head to and be thoroughly entertained by. We are proudly South African, proud of SA music and view ourselves as ambassadors thereof.

Official Website: http://www.aimedatyou.co.za/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aimedatyou/
BandCamp: https://aimedatyou.bandcamp.com/

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