Wayne Boucher of DEITY’S MUSE Talks Euroblast 2017.

In light of the Euroblast Festival coming up in Germany later this month (29th September- 1st October), we caught up with Wayne Boucher of Deity’s Muse to ask him a couple of questions.

Billy (Audioinferno):  Is this your first major show in Europe?

Wayne Boucher:  As far as high profile European festivals go, yes. Prior European shows have always taken place in tiny clubs to tiny audiences.

Billy (Audioinferno):  How do you feel about playing Euroblast 2017?

Wayne Boucher:   Excited and nervous yet relishing the prospect. We’ve worked really hard to finally get to this position.

Billy (Audioinferno):  What are your expectations for this trip?

Wayne Boucher:  40 minutes of the best show we’ve ever played. laughs. Also, we are looking forward to watching some of our favorite bands on the planet. Besides the music and the vibe, I’m hoping to enjoy some German beer and cuisine and maybe squeeze in some vinyl shopping.

Billy (Audioinferno):  laughs Nice. Are there any bands you would particularly like to meet/work with that happen to be playing at this concert?

Wayne Boucher:  Definitely. As mentioned before, some of our favorite current bands are playing this show. Obvious acts that leap out at me right now are, Devin Townsend Project, Uneven Structure, Voyager, and Twelve Foot Ninja. It’s a beautiful lineup overall.

Billy (Audioinferno):  What can fans of Deity’s Muse expect in Euroblast 2017?

Wayne Boucher:  A tight and powerful show representative of our latest album. Four extremely excited South Africans on a German festival stage.

Check out the video to Satellites by Deity’s Muse off their latest album ‘Convergence’


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