Sistas Of Metal to play Rock No Rio 2017

South African all-female metal supergroup SISTAS OF METAL are heading up to Angola to play Rock No Rio on October 7th. For those not familiar with them, the group consists of Robyn Ferguson of Adorned in Ash, Roushan van Niekerk of Riddlebreak, Callysta van Niekerk from Posthumous, and Tamla McMahon from Tamla Kahn. If you follow the South African metal scene at all, you are bound to be familiar with at least one of these names. The band was born when the women played together for the first time at Emalyth Arts Expo, receiving a very positive reception from the crowd. Though they haven’t recorded any material yet, they play a style that can be best described as melodic death metal, and are also known to play some killer covers.

Angola has a very active rock/metal scene, especially when it comes to live performances. But the lineups feature primarily local talent, occasionally including a band from Mozambique. But this year, Overthrust visited from Botswana to play ORLEI, and now Sistas of Metal have a slot in this year’s Rock No Rio, along with Rish from Kenya. Held October 6th and 7th in Luanda, this will be the fest’s fifth year. Already one of Angola’s biggest music fests, Rock No Rio is sponsored by Cuca beer and broadcast by RadioMais. A late night after party will follow the conclusion of the fest.

Sistas Of Metal’s gig at Rock No Rio will be good for both them and the Angolan music scene. The newly formed band will receive international exposure, at that in one of the African countries that most appreciates rock/metal. And the Angolan music scene will again be getting some of the international attention it deserves. Rich in festivals and bands, the Angolan rock/metal scene has stayed under the international radar far too long. We are sure that Sistas of Metal will rock the crowd, and only wish that we could be there, too.

Support your local scene \m/

Tim Salter

I'm a huge supporter of the African metal/rock scene. My interest began with Wrust, Crackdust, and the Botswana scene. Then the Angolan scene caught my attention. Now I want to spread knowledge of the scene worldwide and spread metal in Africa to areas it has not yet reached. Every country in the world needs a metal/rock scene! I have a doom metal project called Doomcast, featuring Victor of Uganda's Vale of Amonition on vocals.


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