Scene Report: October Releases from Kenya

September ends with a bang as Kenyan Rock bands step up release of new music. In Oath, Powerslide and Void of Sorrow have released new music almost suggesting cementing the notion that the last quarter of the year carries the weight of music release.


Death metallers In Oath opened the flurry of releases with the launch of the long awaited ‘Bread of Disposition‘. A six track EP this record is the second metal release this year, following Irony Destroyed’s ‘Strife to Legacy. Largely instrumental, the EP is heavy and brutal and includes the vocal accompanied Tri-Infestation that was released in late 2014. The album art work is done by Mind Release’s Larry Kim who also features as the band’s drummer.

In Oath – Bread of Disposition


Currently, more kenyan music is coming from projects rather than bands. That trend has bred a new industrial metal outcrop called Void of Sorrow whose members are Nelecc’s Nelson Musyoka on vocals and Nemsey on all instruments. Void of Sorrow officially became a project on 11 April 2017. The two had been working together previously on individual projects, exchanging ideas and such. They later decided to try out working on a joint project. The project is influenced by industrial and melodic death metal, more specifically drawing on Ad Cinerem, Doom VS, Lyfthasyr, Shade Empire and Chaosweaver.

Void of Sorrow – Zephyr of Dawn


Resident skaters and punk rock afficionados Powerslide released today the second single of their upcoming album. Cheshire Grin, is countercultural and raw to its core, perhaps inspired by the cheshire cat from Carol L from Alice in Wonderland. Powerslide are one of the most active bands in the local Kenyan scene. The trio of Willy Ojiro, Slammy Karugu and Qreed Wafula are currently working on their debut album with recording sessions going on at the Realm of Mist Studios.

Powerslide – Cheshire Grin

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