[EP Review] Ravenous by Hypergiant A.E.


What we have here today is the debut EP of the South African deathcore band, Hypergiant A.E. The A.E. in their name kinda reminded me of the animation Titan A.E because of the “A.E.”. The abundance of the color blue on the album cover didn’t help with that nostalgia trip either. But enough of that.


The “Ravenous EP” is four (4) tracks long and is just a few seconds shy of the 20 minute mark. Basically the average length of a track on the album is about 5 minutes. Yay Math…!! Stay in school, Lil’ dudes :D…!!

So the opening track “Meaningless” starts off with some static sounding effects before the song kicks off in Deathcore fashion with down-tuned, chuggy guitar riffs, and deep growls. And as the song goes on there’s some really fast blast-beats. And the closing segment of the song has a little progressive metal in its sound. It’s a decent song but it didn’t blow my mind or strike me as endearing.

“Goddesscide” is the next song on the album and kicks off with more aggressive blast beats and the usual chugging and blast beats.”Depleter” does switch things up a bit with the guitars and there’s even a portion of the song that features regular hardcore punk yells.

“Dreadnought” the final track on the EP (aka the album closer) is honestly more of the same but with less chug and more string picking style playing. There were segments of the song with super guttural vocals and while they were well done they didn’t hit me as hard as they usually do.


Honestly I was kinda hyped for this EP. It was for a bunch of strange reasons, some completely unrelated to music, but I was none the less. The EP just didn’t move me. Don’t get me wrong, I think these guys have potential. For a new band, their production value is top notch, their vocalist is REALLY GOOD and I like the album art.

Every instrument, except the bass really stood out, either because there wasn’t much going on on that end and it was played in sync with everything else or because all the instruments were so down-tuned it became difficult to pick out….or….. Anyway it wasn’t a complete turn off or anything its just an observation.

Despite these positives, the EP is dragged down by one major thing. The first is the song writing. The songs all have the same tempo. All of them. The drumming across the tracks feels a bit dull and uninspiring. The guitar riffs are decent but because of the lack of variation in the songs tempos, things don’t stand out much. I want to say that there is a second major reason, but I think I think all boils down to the monotonous nature of the songs on the EP.



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