DevilSpeak releases new single ‘Unearth Hell’ off upcoming EP ‘See Evil Hear Evil Speak Evil’

“Unearth Hell” is the new single from DevilSpeak, taken off of their forthcoming EP “See Evil Hear Evil Speak Evil”

“Unearth Hell” was released Tuesday 12 September 2017, with an exclusive first play that happened on Monday 11 September 2017, on The Rock Arena show on One FM 94.0 sometime between 10pm and midnight which are the show’s hours. Personally i have waited a long time for another tune by this guys and they just killed it. Nigerian metalheads are also loving it so let’s get to  the interview with Derrick leppan, guitarist of the band and a charismatic supporter of the South African metal scene.

AUDIOINFERNO: Why did your band take this long in releasing another single from your EP since last 2 years ago?


Everyone involved in this production before we got to mastering was doing this in their spare time pretty much, so things have taken longer than expected. We’d much rather get it done right than get it done fast though, so the time taken has never bothered us. We think what we’ve seen from releasing Unearth Hell so far we took the right approach.

AUDIOINFERNO: What did your fans think of the long wait of your second single?


Not too sure to be honest, no one complained, in general people seemed fine with the wait I think. I mean it’s not like we’re the only African or South African band putting stuff out, there’s been a lot of really good music released by African and South African bands over the last 2 years, and there’s more coming every day, so we’re not living in a bubble, we’re not the only band here.

AUDIOINFERNO: Cool so how are you amped for your EP knowing that your second single ‘Unearth’ is really making waves in the African metal scene?


Unearth Hell is indeed doing way better than we ever imagined all around the world and it’s definitely got us super excited to release the EP.

AUDIOINFERNO: So any idea of the EP release date?


We don’t have a date set in stone, but we’re busy getting all the final touches into place for the release. We’re going to do a physical for this one with a cover that is not the usual digipak or CD jewel case and we’re figuring out how to manufacture that. I suspect it will be out in Oct or Nov at the very latest. We’re also wanting to get some merch done with the release as well.

AUDIOINFERNO: Can’t wait to listen to your EP. So tell me the recording process of Unearth?


We recorded all 3 tracks at the same time in Sep 2016 at Milestone Studios, with Jethro Harris engineering. We finished up most of the recording over 2 or 3 days. We then would go back periodically to try something new, have a go at a solo, and eventually go in to finalise the tones we have. Jethro then spent a whole mountain of his spare time mixing this all, we waited almost a year until we heard a mix. Then we tweaked those a bit, got a test master done of Unearth Hell, were happy with it and went with it and here we are now

AUDIOINFERNO: How many tracks are in your upcoming EP and what should your fans expect?


The EP is 3 tracks, if you enjoy Unearth Hell I think it’s safe to say you will enjoy the EP, it’s 3 intense tracks on here. People often comment on these tracks when we play them live. The EP track names and running order is as follows: 1) Honoured By The Bleeding 2) Unearth Hell 3) Internal Shrapnel

AUDIOINFERNO: Any person worthy of thanks that helped you in the EP ?


Big thanks goes to Jethro Harris for his expertise, commitment & enthusiasm for doing this all with us again, and a huge thanks to my other band members for rocking it hard on this EP.


Lyrics/Unearth Hell

The gate is open, it’s time to look in
Eyes blind for a short time, blood curdles
All hell stares back, demons from the world of old
Gods in the time before that
In their eyes certain truth shines, like a blinding light sent from the heart of hell

Tear the veil at the seams, until you feel the scab bleeding
Unearth hell, invoke let it be done
Rip the pulse until it bleeds, unearth Hell invoke the unknown
It’s the only way to control what you will

With a sick blinding fashion they ascended upon terra
One to the west, to the north, to the south and east
All quarters corner posts embedded in the earth, they set their dominion to reign.Fulfulling promise darkening churches, behold your blessings turn to curses

Tear the veil at the seams, until you feel the scab bleeding
Rip at the pulse, invoke let it be done
Tear the veil until it bleeds, unearth hell invoke the unknown

It’s the only way to control what you will become, now control let your will be done

Once that voice was heard, with a blinding fabrication just more glorious than before
They all leapt forth and scattered across the earth setting their intentions and dominion to reign
Fulfulling promises darkening churches behold your blessings they turn to curses
Now you fall at your knees and pray to the one you ran from

If only I had a corpse willing

Tear the veil at the seams until you feel the scab bleeding
Rip at the pulse invoke it is done
Tear the veil until it bleeds unearth hell invoke the unknown

It’s the only way now control what you will become

That’s much about it guys. Support your local scene and stay tuned to Audioinferno for the review of this track.


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