Mauritius metalcore band ‘Shred the glory’ comes through with their first single/official video ‘Absolution’

It’s good to know other metal bands are popping out of African countries. This metalcore band is gaining audience in the Mauritius scene being their first single and it happens to have an official video which was very well shot. Cheers to this African upcoming metalcore band. We will be interviewing the band early next year meanwhile learn a thing or two about the song.

Well, the song is about finding release (absolution) from one’s own darkest sides. This is one way to view it, but it can be interpreted in many ways. It was recorded by Thibault de Robillard (Fremens Guitar – youtube). He is not a sound engineer by profession, but he is very comfortable with Metal / Rock song recordings. Its a Metalcore song, even though it has different variations in our style. Its in Drop B tuning.

Support your local bands and we will be reviewing this track.


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