[Press Release] Abhorrent Anomality releases Transcend Humanity off their 2018 Self Titled Album

Members: Ryno Rabe (Guitars), Alec Larsen (Vocals)

Abhorrent Anomaly is a melodic technical death metal studio band from Johannesburg. They are influenced by bands such as The Faceless, Necrophagist, Beneath The Massacre, Beyond Creation and Nile. Lyrically, the focus on misanthropy and a general disdain for what humanity has done to the planet and to each other. The song is mixed and mastered by Allen Purkiss, Dreamlab Studio.

I’ve always enjoyed technical death metal but I also realise that some of it is very hard to digest because of how chaotic it is. I really believe that adding an emphasis on the melody can make something truly special, which is why I enjoy bands like The Faceless and Beyond Creation. It was at one of the Emalyth Art Expos where the idea to start a technical death metal band came to me, although the idea was to have a live performance at an Art Expo. I chatted to Ryno but the time was not right – we were both focusing on our main bands. During the recording process of the Surdus album (Tarnished By Decay), the idea resurrected and I figured why not make it a studio project and contacted Ryno and he agreed – Alec Larsen ( Vocals )

Of course I am a big fan of death metal and it was always something that I wanted to do. It felt very natural and fun writing together with Alec because I feel there is some connection in the music that I write and the music he writes for Abhorrent Anomaly – Ryno Rabe ( Guitars )

Check out the official lyric video of Transcend Humanity 

Stream/buy links: https://abhorrentanomaly-tdm.bandcamp.com/releases

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/abhorrentanomaly/

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