Cape Town’s female-fronted TERMINATRYX is celebrating its 15th anniversary making Alternative music on their own terms, and is releasing their 2nd remix album in October but all of this comes with a bitter-sweet afterglow…

The third in a triptych of shows to celebrate the one-and-a-half decade milestone happened at ROAR LIVE on 30 September, at The Unscene’s 18 TIL I DIE concert alongside REVERSE THE SANDS, THE FALLEN PROPHETS, AS NIGHT FADES (from Namibia), RED TAPE REBELLION and HOLO.

This event doubled as the first phase of the “Remyx v2.0” album release on laser engraved silver metal usb drive.
But this celebration also marked the sad occasion of guitarist Patrick Davidson’s last show with the band (after 10 years). No animosity or sensational drama – Patrick has endeavours he wants to fulfill and need to focus on in order to do so.
Full details on the why? / what? / where? and band quotes on situation at

The “Remyx v2.0” album features exciting remixes of the full TERMINATRYX “Shadow” studio album, with local and international artists tackling the band’s songs including: BATTERY 9, GRIMEHOUSE, MR. SAKITUMI, INDUSTRIEZONE (Austria), ISOBEL, F8, LLOYD PRICE of The Frixion, Massive Ego, Sigue Sigue Sputnik (UK), iRONic, KHEMICAL KRYPT, IN MISERY.

Shortly after the usb album version now available, a limited edition CD version will be launched, and also be at all reputed digital download stores incl. iTunes.
More info on both Terminatryx remix albums at www.terminatryx.com/remix

Thus far three pre-album / pre-mastered singles from the Terminatryx “Remyx v2.0” album have been released exclusively at Bandcamp, including:

“SCARS (Grimehouse Remix)”

“MEDUSA (iRONic Remix)”

“GONE (Khemical Krypt Remix)”

All Terminatryx albums and tracks are available at https://terminatryx.bandcamp.com , iTunes , Amazon mp3 etc.

See all Terminatryx invigorating and cinematic music videos at www.youtube.com/Terminatryx

All Terminatryx links:

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