Ralph Margo, founding drummer of Chaos Doctrine returns back to the band after 5yrs

Ralph Margo was the founding drummer of the South African metal band ‘Chaos Doctrine‘ and he left the band in 2012 to comeback this year as he saw they haven’t had any drummers since he left the band.

Enjoy the brief interview  with Ralph Margo

Audioinferno: Why did you leave the band in 2012?

Ralph Margo/Chaos Doctrine:

I had an opportunity to live down at the coast. At that stage it was the right thing to do. The only good thing I had going for me at the time was the band. Everything else in my life was uncertain so I made the move. After 5 years of coastal life I decided to move back. I was thrilled to hear the band was still drummer-less. So I asked very nicely if they’d take me back. And here we are .🤘🏻

Audioinferno: You moved from city to which?

Ralph Margo/Chaos Doctrine:

From JHB to the South Coast to the East Coast back to Joburg 🙂.  I moved to St Francis Bay in the eastern Cape for 3 years, then from there moved to Shelly Beach, KZN for 2 years. Now I’m back 😉

Check out Ralph Margo jamming to Refuse/Resist during Alec Surridge‘s solo (2017)

Audioinferno: Why did you move to St Francis Bay?

Ralph Margo/Chaos Doctrine:

My dad and step mom live there and offered me a job and opportunity to live down there.

Ralph back then in 2012

Audioinferno: So what prompted you to come back to Johannesburg?

Ralph Margo/Chaos Doctrine:

There isn’t a lot of opportunity to grow at the coast. It’s awesome having the sea right there but that’s about it. I got a good job offer in JHB so my girlfriend and I decided to move back.

Audioinferno: Before you left for the coast on 2012, did your band recorded anything?

Ralph Margo/Chaos Doctrine:

I started recording drums for Chaos Doctrine but I left JHB suddenly so I didn’t finish them. Before I was in Chaos Doctrine I was in Misericord. We recorded an album called Requiem Of The Newborn. It’s available on iTunes 🤘🏻.

Currently in 2017

Audioinferno: That means all the songs that Chaos doctrine has done including the Sepultura cover, you didn’t record the drums for it?

Ralph Margo/Chaos Doctrine:

No, I didn’t. The guys had to program the drums. The album is being finished and it’s too late to record all the drums again. So I’ll be on all future records.

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