[EP REVIEW] Like, A Million Alligators by Aimed at Me


Like, A Million Alligators EP” is the first release of South African Sextet rock group “Aimed at You”. A South African band from Johannesburg formed in 2015. Like most bands their formation has been littered with several bits of experimentation, lineup changes and inventive creations. Sam “LadyFae” Bushell (Lead Vocalist), Micheal Hawtrey (Lead Guitar), Micah Myles (Guitar), Mpho Ramathe (Vocals), Mike Pierce (Bass) and Mikey Sticks (Drums) making up the current lineup.

Like, A Million Alligators

From the first listen it’s revealing that the band is made up of several individuals with unique ideas, the band makes reference to exemplary acts like “Tool, Pantera, Rage the Machine and Devin Townsend” as their core influences and this is noticeable in their performances,. The 6 track EP with 2 radio edits starts off with single “Drink Deep” that’s threads the line between progressive metal, metalcore and post hardcore. Mpho and Ladyfae display what they are capable of with an interesting interchange that might seemly become a “AAY” trademark as it continued all through this release. Mpho’s clean singing blends decently with Sam coarse vocals. “Bowties are cool” comes up next and Lady Fae’s takes lead on this with her hardcore howls. Lady Fae’s scream is impressive and surprisingly one-of-a-kind, the vocal interchanges on bowties are clean and interesting.

Few things make a band stand out better than having a unique recognizable signature and Aimed at You is doing that impressively, aside from the powerful duo on vocals, the guitar work is wonderful which is probably at its best on the longest song from the EP “Buttons”. The solos are pretty memorable after a number of replays and very little is constantly repeated which is wonderful in the sense that it makes a listener hunger for more. I especially love the animated album art as I’m a huge fan of creative cover arts, the playful aura that accompanies many of the songs is also catchy and I’d definitely be one on the lookout for a full album release in the near future.

In conclusion, The EP is very experimental; the band flirted with bits of hip-hop, progressive metal and hardcore rock. The vocal styles are also countless and as much as it shows how creative the group is, it makes you wonder what direction future projects will follow. Bowties are cool, Buttons and Drink Deep are beautiful song with interesting lyrics and the other almost feel like fillers. The album is an interesting first release, AAY is a decent act to follow up on and recommend.

Rating 3/5


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