Deep Scar new single ‘Blink of an eye’ will leave you amazed

Lately, Audioinferno have been researching about the Moroccan metal scene and we discovered it’s a wonderful and a lovely scene. I am a big fan of their local scene and a lot of bands that the scene have produced. I can’t express my love in seeing the Moroccan metalheads uniting in major festivals like tremplin and l’boulevard festivals.

Deepscar is a band with potentials and if they keep releasing singles like ‘Blink of an eye‘, they’ll further more in their recognition in the African metal scene. Deep Scar is a progressive metal band from the Northern part of Morocco where rock/metal is not known at all. They created metal out of their home called Tangiers and since then, they have been slowly getting attention in the Moroccan local scene. Audioinferno will be interviewing all the members of the band early next year.

I have personally listened to ‘Blink of an eye‘ multiple times and i was amazed at their level of experimentation and willingness to push through what is keeping metal alive. That metal attitude and bravery is what is needed in our individual local scenes so that upcoming new bands will look up to them. The songs that they are producing for the moment are just singles upon singles. They don’t belong to any album unless they work with a recording and production label.

Listen to ‘Blink of an eye’

The general idea about the song ‘Blink of an eye’ is mainly time, how it goes fast and things happen faster and how Deep Scar visualize its value in the humans life. Welcome to the band ‘Sami Azza

Support your local bands \m/ and stay tuned to Audioinferno for more information on DeepScar.


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