Interview with Andy Marsh of Thy Art is Murder [Live in Johannesburg – One Night Only]

Presented before us is a Deathcore Heavy weight, a trendsetter and unique Brutal band that can’t make us keep calm. A band that provides authentic infusion of Eargasmic breakdowns, classic rhythmic assault all mashed up to an incomparable classic form of Brutal Deathcore. It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to interview TAIM just before they play for the very first time in Africa by playing in Johannesburg in November 4th. Enjoy the interview.

AudioInferno: Beginning – how did Thy Art is Murder start & how did you all meet?

Andy Marsh of Thy Art is Murder:

Lee and Sean started the band about ten years ago and we all sort of met up along the way. I joined the band in 2010 and since then we picked up Kevin and its been smooth sailing ever since.

AudioInferno: Explain the growth of the band and its music from when you released your very first album ‘The Adversary,’ up until now, with the release of ‘Dear Desolation?’

Andy Marsh of Thy Art is Murder:

We’ve just learned a lot as a band through writing more songs and touring the world seeing what works. Its been a very natural growth for us and we are very grateful to have the opportunity to continue doing what we love.

AudioInferno: You are continuously reinventing your sound, as a band does, but how have you still maintained that distinct TAIM sound and identity?

Andy Marsh of Thy Art is Murder:

I think by keeping things natural as I just said. We don’t push too hard to make changes to our sound but just react to where we are at as a band when we go in to make a record.

AudioInferno: You have quite a career – any one moment that stands out for you?

Andy Marsh of Thy Art is Murder:

Each and every tour we do is another achievement that we are proud of, releasing our newest album and touring the world on the back of it is the most recent crowning achievement.

AudioInferno: You streamline your live shows to give your fans an unforgettable musical experience – tell me what goes into each show and what can people expect in South Africa?

Andy Marsh of Thy Art is Murder:

It will be the final performance for us in the year 2017 and we have literally played all over the world leading up to it, I think we can expect a great show.

AudioInferno: What sparked this decision to come to South Africa?

Andy Marsh of Thy Art is Murder:

We love to play anywhere and everywhere and we’ve never been to the African continent before, this is a first for us and we are very excited.

AudioInferno: How can the metal scene grow and sustain itself, especially in South Africa, where it is quite small and niche?

Andy Marsh of Thy Art is Murder:

Perhaps the same way it has been done in Australia. There is a very small scene there, a tiny population given the land mass and not many opportunities to perform, to hone your craft and earn some money. We spent a lot of time working on our music and songs and saved every dollar we could to get out of Australia, this stage of patience and planning was super important in our bands history.

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