Interview with Cameroonian rock musician ‘Arthur Himins’ about Festirock

Audioinferno: Introduce yourself in a few words?

Arthur Himins:

I am a young musician, cultural promoter, blogger and Community manager (still to complete my training…lol). Still single (Waiting for requests proposals).

Audioinferno: Tell us about your beginnings and passion for music and rock In particular?

Arthur Himins:

My beginnings were very timid. In high school I was very shy, writing rap texts, love poems and singing in my room. Only at 22 I started learning guitar and decided to do music. I started with the choir, then I moved on with the creation of a band in 2013, with friends from an association of rock fans. Majority of them have been replaced due to time constraints, career choices but we are still standing. Today our name is Pioneers but since our country is more of French, we use the translated version of our name.

Audioinferno: What is the genesis of Festirock, how were the first three editions?

Arthur Himins:

My music mentor teaches music to kids and teenagers. Every six months he organises recitals, where kids performed in front of their parents. I use to accompany the teenagers and after three years of working with him (what I still do), I decided to launch the first edition of Festirock (Rock Festival) in 2015.

It was very original, since the concept did not exist in Cameroon before. People appreciated the initiative, there were around 70 who attended on the day. It was really amateur experience but we enjoyed it.

The second edition was the best!! The number of people doubled, people were responding to our music, it was fire!!! We went back stronger than ever, making the decision to persevere.

The third edition was full of misfortunes. We lost our lead singer for professional reasons some two weeks before the event and we had to adjust the playlist, with no time to practice. It will be honest to say it was a failure. We can’t wait to correct things for this upcoming edition.

Audioinferno: The fourth edition coming soon, what are the changes you will operate to make it better?

Arthur Himins:

Firstly, only rock music will be played (meaning guest artists who are not doing rock will adapt their songs for our sake). Other Rock bands (Roar of Heroes, Isabella and Freeboi will be invited depending how much of sponsoring and donations we will have by the grace of God. Communication will be intensified online and offline and we plan to be a national event by the fifth edition in 2019!!!

Audioinferno: Do you think Rock can make it in Cameroon with the domination of Urban music?

Arthur Himins:

Yes of course!! I think what we lack the more is finances and communication. Music is getting monotonous and people are actually looking for alternatives. I think very soon Cameroonians will consume Rock as well as urban music and even more.

Audioinferno: When are you guys (your band) going to release singles? Albums?

Arthur Himins:

Unfortunately we only know live music.  However we will start recording singles in 2018 by the Grace of God and an album of ten tracks in 2019.

Audioinferno: Any last words?

Arthur Himins:

Stay tuned. Festirock fourth edition!!! We gonna kill it man!

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