[Song Review] Absolution by Shred The Glory



Honestly, when I first heard that there was a band called Shred The Glory I thought they would be a heavy metal, thrash metal or Power metal band. I was surprised to find out this outfit that hails from Mauritius were a metalcore band. But all the same, I sold the moment I heard the band’s name. The lesson of the Day: Choose your band name carefully, kids. It might be the one thing that gets people to check you out.

So shred the glory have an upcoming album, and recently dropped a single from the album called “Absolution”. So what can one draw from this single?


As I mentioned earlier, the band is metalcore. But that label is actually sonically broad. I mean sure, some metalcore bands sound similar to the whole formula. You know, the one….harsh vocals on verses, clean vocals on the chorus that sound emo/punk, chuggy riffs, maybe some synth/electronic effects, very very chuggy breakdowns. But no, metalcore is actually broader than that as some bands borrow from all sorts of other sub-genres. I mean, if you jam metalcore, you know names like Underoath, August Burns Red, Killswitch Engage, The Devil Wears Prada, As I Lay Dying and none of them sounds like the other, even though they are all metalcore bands.

So does Shred the Glory come with a new style or sound? Well, no. But their style isn’t one I come across often…well not in recent time, so in its own way, it’s a breath of fresh air. If I were to draw some comparison with a western band….I’d say their sound brings bands like Chimaira, Haste the Day and Unearth to mind.

There’s an emphasis on fast thrash style riffing and fast-paced drumming. The song features harsh vocals only and while the screams don’t sound unique, they are well delivered. The song structure does feature some parts that slow the song down a bit but those parts don’t last long enough to make the song dull. I half expected the song to have some crazy solo but… there was none. That was a bit disappointing. But despite the absence of the solo, the skill of the guitarists is still very clear. While the drumming isn’t bad, it doesn’t really stick out much.

One last thing. I’m not sure if I should call it a breakdown ‘cause the ones I’m used to hearing are usually slower than the actual song in terms of tempo but there have been times I have heard breakdowns chugged at high tempos. Whatever the case, the closing segment of the song was super intense and heavy and cool. I really liked it.


So while the song doesn’t do anything new or unique it does what it does very well. The song is intense and fast paced for the most part. The vocals were well done but besides the opening scream, “I WON’T DENY THE THINGS I’VE DONE” and the part where the vocalist screams “THIS IS ABSOLUTION”, there weren’t any other parts of the song’s vocals that stuck with me. The guitar work though was quite catchy.

All in all, I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the album. Hopefully, there will be a guitar solo in there somewhere





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