[Pictures] Rocktoberfest 2017


Rocktoberfest 2017 has come and gone but it would forever be etched in the minds of all rock fans who attended. This is not a review, but the first of a series of posts to bring to those who missed the only rock festival in Nigeria and allow those who attended to relive the memories of one of the best rock show in Nigeria.

Rocktoberfest had all the glitz and darkness you expect from a rock festival. Corpse painting to Goth clothing. It brought rock fans from far and wide the country closely knit by the songs they share and love to a place where they could enjoy their bond unhindered from the judgemental gaze of the outside world. Every performance was beautifully done, no one trying to outdo anyone but yet each brought something new and beautiful.

Let me stop right here. They say an image says a thousand words right? Listen to a million!!



David Rhino at Rocktoberfest 2017

A performance from Rocktoberfest 2017

Rocktoberfest 2017

A fan Rocktoberfest 2017


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