[Song Review] Blink Of An Eye by Deep Scar


When I first heard of the track, I wasn’t told what kind of music they played. I mean I knew it was rock or metal but that was about it. So when I listened to their new single “Blink of an eye”, I had no idea what to expect. My expectation was literally at level 0. So here’s the impression they made with this song.


Don’t let the title of the song fool you, this song is almost 6 minutes long. Almost. Honestly, the first thing I felt would happen upon my first listen when I saw the track length was “I hope I don’t get bored.” So when the vocals kicked in, I had this sense of nostalgia. The vocals reminded me of the post-grunge, hard rock bands I listened to in my teens.

The production of the song may not be the most crisp and clean but it is far from poor. The instrumentation was, for the most part, decent or at least that is what I thought until the second half of the track when there was a tempo change and then another change with a solo!!! A really cool one at that. Talk about a pleasant surprise. All of a sudden, the song that just felt okay became more than just okay. I have to commend the guitarist for that solo, man. Cause it was long and fun to listen to.
Now that I think about it, it took multiple listens to notice that there was some double bass pedal drumming in the intro of the song. The drumming in the chorus is likely another reason I felt this song sounded post-grunge.


Honestly, I am happy that I didn’t now that Deep Scar is a progressive metal band. I am so glad I listened to the song with no idea how they sounded, or what subgenre they played. I liked that the tempo change caught me off guard. I am glad that the solo caught me off guard. I had fun listening to the song. I still listen to it.

While I felt the song wasn’t as memorable or ear-wormy as it could have been, which lead to me not remembering much about the song after a few days of not listening to it, I still remembered enjoying a guitar solo. This made me sit down to listen to it a couple more times and I grew a bit fonder of the song. Besides the song not being super memorable on the first few listens, I still enjoyed those listens. And I still enjoy it now.




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