[EP Review] The Obsessive Imposter by Roar of Heroes


Relatively new acts from Cameroon “Roar of Heroes” first EP “The Obsessive Imposter” is the first of its kind to come from their country. The group started off January 2016 as a 5-man band only to become be reduced to a duo. Founding member Anarchist 1st and powerful female vocalist “Azra Freyja” make up the twosome and they have keep the journey moving with the release of this EP in anticipation for the upcoming full length LP “Liberaeum“.

The group considers themselves to be a Power/Symphonic/Gothic Metal group with bands like Epica and Tristania as their favourite influences. This powerful venture while performing in rock music annihilating and derogatory country is pace setting and its binds with their desire to become “revolutionary metal”.

The Obsessive Imposter

The Obsessive Imposter is a catchy 3 song EP that is that starts off with Obsession (Burn Me to a Cinder) the 6-minute long song begins with a repeated drumming solo that lasts for over 60 seconds only to become a distraction that could have been halved. It worked for their music video because visuals can keep an observer’s attention, also midway through the song the drumming and guitar work is close to being poor but overall the song is a decent introduction for what to expect from ROH and the song makes glaring that there is potential with the duo.

Instrumental “The Ninth Abstraction” is the second single on the EP and these is the song that comes closest to sounding like power metal but it’s really a weak attempt.

The final song from the release “Improving” has become some sort of motto for the band as they vow to keep pushing and getting better. The song is definitely my favourite song from the EP, Arza Freyja intensely takes lead on the symphonic song from the get-go and the tempo ends as quickly as it starts leaving you desiring more the band.


Overall I believe ROH has made a wonderful attempt to establish themselves but there’s a lot of work to still be done, the drumming is questionable leaving to you wonder if they might need extra hands on deck to push the project in the future. However big positives are the lyrics and delivery, one can tell the band has content but is suffering from the quality of production. I’d love to get the full lyrics to Obsession; Anarchist 1st charisma which he infuses into his delivery is fascinating.

The group is creative notwithstanding their limitations and I believe the EP is something ROH will look back on and realize how far they’ve gone in the future because they have the potential for a great career if they keep improving.

Rating 2/5



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