[EP Review] Overdose EP by Treehouse Burning


Treehouse Burning is a South African metal band with a lot of electronic elements. So much so that they are described as Electronicore by some. Earlier this year I heard their single which was the title track off the EP. And I didn’t really feel it much. I mean it wasn’t bad but can’t really remember why I felt that way. But I do know that I have had a slight change of heart regarding some things about the band.


The EP kicks off with an instrumental track titled “Burn”. This one minute track which features more electronic elements than guitars and drums is actually not a bad intro at all. “Minority Crypt” comes up next and after a few seconds of a sound that reminds me of that rate detector thing, comes a scream followed the pummeling chugs and drumming. The electronic elements in here are pretty cool, the vocals are harsh and heavy, it’s a well-done song. But!! I do wish it was longer, as the main part of the song is done by the 2:20-minute mark. The remaining seconds of the song feature some mellow ambient sounds and clean guitars.

Up next, is the jam that started it all cause it was the first song I heard by them, “Overdose”. The song is pretty heavy with high shrieks, mid-range and low yells. The vocalist of this band is really something else. I remember being a bit disappointed with the lack of some sweet lead guitar licks/riffs and such stuff. But listening to it now, I actually don’t mind. The electronic elements no longer feel like a crutch, but a well-integrated element of their sound. I guess I just needed time to appreciate them. Oh, and the song has this really grimy, disgusting, gore-grind, brutal sounding breakdown/slam at the end of the song. The vocals there are SUPER GUTTURAL!!! Like!! It’s wicked! I think we have Jonny McBee to thank for that as he’s a guest artist featured on the track.

Following “Overdose” is the interlude/skit track titled “The Overpass” which is followed by the final track on the album, “Endless” which features a guest vocalist, Elizabeth Grace. Unlike the last two full tracks, this song is pretty mellow with clean vocals and a more electronic elements than guitars and drums. Also, I am just now realizing that the last track on the ep is titled “Endless”. Hehehe…nice.


The Overdose EP, for the most part, is actually well done. The production is sound. The vocals are WICKED SICK!! The electronic elements are pretty fun. And there’s this deathcore-esque drop in the “Minority Crypt” track that had this electronic thing going on with it and it was actually super cool and made that part cooler.

But for an EP with 5 tracks, it kind of fails to deliver on the promised face melting experience that one would think they’d get from the entire EP. I mean “Overdose” was their lead single and it’s the heaviest song on the album. The only other heavy track on the album is “Minority Crypt”. The other 3 tracks are made up of a 1 minute instrumental, a skit and a mellow clean vocal dominate track. Honestly this release feels more like a Single than an EP but besides that, it’s a pretty dope release.

Rating 3/5



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