De Void release Nine Track Album “A.G.E.S”

2017 just happens to be the year that Kenyan musicians have stepped up on releases. And leading the way with that is this instrumental project fronted by Nemsey and the project is called De Void. Nemsey is an instrumental composer who also designs metal logos, artworks and poster designs. He is also involved in the industrial metal project ‘Void of Sorrow‘ alongside Nelson Musyoka (known from the atmospheric black metal project “Nelecc“).

A.G.E.S is a purely instrumental 9 track album that was released on October 26th this year. Parallels can be drawn with groups like Alluvial, Sebastien Pierre and Algarothsyum. It goes at a quick pace sampling a variety of sounds from the crisp trickle of water, anthemic soundscapes that rely heavily on exquisite pianos and guitar riffs that take no time to pause which I feel is great for an instrumental album. It is an enjoyable listen and a fresh foray into the uncharted waters of instrumental composition, something that only George Gachiri’s of Hybrid Actuary (formerly of Doveslimme) dabbled in.

It will be interesting to see what Nemsey and “De Void” come up with in years to come since this guy is one of the most seasoned and astute metal heads with a keen ear for the most subtle twists and nuances.

If you are looking for something different then this album is it. It isn’t heavy in the traditional sense but it has the potential to be groundbreaking and will set the tone for a new generation of metal-heads in the Kenyan metal scene.

The most memorable listen has to be the last track on the record, “Debility- End of Ages”.


Daniel Otieno Kobimbo

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