[ALBUM REVIEW] Sør-Afrikasessions by Trasig


Trasig is an atmospheric/ambient black metal band by Norwegian one-man sensation “Anfinn Halland“. Anfinn moved to South Africa for work commitments after the release of his debut album “Jammer og nød” in 2016 and he has been working on content for new material since his relocation to Johannesburg, SA. Trasig also released EP “Har itj nå for sæ læll derre” containing three tracks in preparation for the release of “Sør-Afrikasessions”.

The Music

Anfinn’s lyrics are in his local Trøndoleg dialect and he has appeared vague when questioned about the lyrical theme of his earlier releases. However, he was optimistic and open-minded when questioned about collaborations with African acts, which it’s something noteworthy.

“Sør-Afrikasessions” (South-Africa Sessions).

The 7 track release is literally a trip through several regions of South Africa. It starts off with Fæl (Nasty) which introduces us to the ethereal world of Trasig. The monotonous instrumental intro is almost distracting because of its length but not off-putting, it does enough to keep you interested in seeing what comes next. Faen follows the aura of Fæl and it’s much more calming especially where it drones off as it ends.
One minute into the fourth track “Ta åsså drit i det for hælvett” is where we get to hear Anfinn Halland’s voice and it comes as a shock, an attribute you’d expect really from depressive black metal songs. Ordlaus also continues the shrieking and it’s probably the best ABM song from the album in regards to wholeness. While Cape Town starts off with dog barks which weirdly fits with the atmospheric vibe of the track but it remains one of the least memorable recordings. Låt 3 completes the album and it mirrors portions of “Ta åsså drit i det for hælvette” but it works as a fitting outro.


“Sør-Afrikasessions” is Anfinn’s personal journey through South Africa and like many long trips; the album is filled with several moments of beauty, weariness especially from its monotonous routines but definitely unforgettable portions and pieces.
For an atmospheric black metal newcomer, this trip might appear as a chore to get through but any music enthusiast should notwithstanding see the beauty in many of its pieces. A remarkable feature all through the album is the well-fitting sync from song to song as every track continues from where the previous one ended.

Overall the album could have been better produced but its raw quality is commendable and as a big fan of true black metal, I’m impressed with the concept of the album despite many of its shortcomings. Fæl, Ta åsså drit i det for hælvette and Låt 3 remain my best bits.

I look forward to seeing more of Anfinn’s handiwork and possible collaborations with indigenous acts like he has recently done from Johannesburg with Norwegian bands like Stilk, Anfinnsaas, Holon, Kael and Keiser.





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