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Cadillac Sun is a Rock and Roll band from South Africa. They are a four-man band made up of Emile Snyman – Guitar / Backup Vocals Carl Heydenrych – Vocals Francois Jones – Drums and Hendru Basson – Bass. They released a self-titled album in 2016 which was self-funded.

Enjoy the interview.


Billy (Audioinferno): How’re you guys doing today?

Emile (Cadillac Sun): If you have the opportunity to make music then that day will always be a good one. We hope you are having a good day too

Billy (Audioinferno): Can you tell me about the band?

Emile (Cadillac Sun): We got started about two years ago. Our guitarist, Emile had an idea to do a studio project. He wanted to record different style of songs for each track on an album. He wanted to use different musos he had met over the years gigging on the circuit. He then decided to record a rock song first because it was the style of music he fell in love with first. The recording process went so well with Jones (drummer) and Carl (vocalist) that he decided the studio project should become the rock behemoth now known as Cadillac Sun

Billy (Audioinferno): Since your inception, what your fondest memory?

Emile (Cadillac Sun): That would be without hesitation playing our debut Oppikoppi. It was such a huge thrill and rush for us because we have been going to the festival for the past decade. Standing there on stage playing our music and feeling that atmosphere will be something that we will never ever forget. Massive thank you to Gareth Wilson for booking us and helping us realize a dream. The other highlight would be the release of our debut album. It was a total labour of love and we are very proud of the end result.

Billy (Audioinferno): What’s your biggest challenge as a band?

Emile (Cadillac Sun): The biggest weekly challenge would definitely be the distances that we are from each other as band mates and the fact that we are not really situated in the cultural hub of South Africa.

I live and work on a farm outside a very small town called Fochville and Carl, Hendru and Jones all live in the Vaal area. Our practice space is in a workshop in the industrial area of Vanderbijl and it’s about a 70 km drive for Emile to get to the rehearsal space. Then he needs to still get back to the farm and he works at 6 am in the morning.  Carl works a lot of night shifts and Jones and Hendru also need to work most weekends. So planning and organising of shows and even practises really get very tricky at times. But if the love and passion of the music is there we will always find a way to prevail.

Billy (Audioinferno): That sounds really troublesome, I’m glad you guys can work through it. Let’s talk about “Questions & Wine”. What was the creative process behind that song?

Emile (Cadillac Sun): Questions & Wine started off with the smooth bass riff Hendru was playing with at a couple of rehearsals. The rest of the band were instantly hooked on that phrasing and the song came together in one writing session. At the time Carl was going through some emotional barriers. We usually like to keep the lyrics open for each listeners own take on it. We then took the track to the Anti-Motion Studios. Dave Grevler really has a great way of bringing the best out in our songs and especially performances. We also recorded our debut album at Dave’s studio and he works wonders with 4 boys from the Platteland.

Billy (Audioinferno): How would you best describe your sound?

Emile (Cadillac Sun): We have a no holds barred rock and roll sound with a modern twist

Billy (Audioinferno): Is there an EP or Album Project in the works?

Emile (Cadillac Sun): Currently we have been writing our second album for the best part of a couple of months now. The process is a slow one because we want to stay clear of the “difficult second album syndrome”

Hopefully, we can release it in the fall of 2018. The creative process does take some time but hopefully, it won’t be forever until we can release. So far the songs stay in our gritty rock sound but the songs will be more complex this time around without losing the raw energy and edge. We are really excited to start getting into the studio and laying some of these new songs down.


Billy (Audioinferno): What gigs/shows do you have lined up?

Emile (Cadillac Sun): After our show at Oppikoppi we have decided to take a bit of a break. Hopefully, we will be getting back into playing some shows in early 2018.

Billy (Audioinferno): Any word for your fans?

Emile (Cadillac Sun): We would like to thank everyone for the ongoing support. It makes us so happy to hear that people like our music. Let’s keep rock and roll alive together!

Billy (Audioinferno): Thanks a lot, Emile.

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