Eruka Nigeria’s Aspiring Metal-Inspired Artist

Though Nigeria has not yet developed a significant metal scene, passionate metal fan, and artist, Eruka has aspirations to make a name for himself worldwide creating logos and album covers for metal bands. He has already gotten his feet wet creating logos for some very underground metal acts, and his talent is undeniable.


How did you get into doing artwork for metal bands?

Well, it has been a passion for me to design that even when I was a kid. I always wanted to do that so I kept practicing till I got good at it.

Who are some of the metal bands you have created work for?

Slave to Sirens, Doomcast, Blackened Nights… I had some unfinished project like Subject to Slaughter and The Fallen Prophets, then also did Demonheart and Undead.


Tell us a bit about your background as an artist? Do you draw, paint, create computer art, etc.? When did you start?

Yeah I do practically anything when it comes to art: I draw, paint, and do digital art, as long as I believe it I can do it.

Your work has a bit of a dark, morbid twist, perfect for metal. When did you introduce that element into your art?

At first I did only made normal art, but I always had the passion for dark art. Over the years I lost my religion. I became darker. Also my playlist and bands affected my style of art, mostly when I got into grindcore, black metal and brutal death metal. It had this huge influence on my style. I always wanted to create dark art. I still feel I’m limited, but every day I’m breaking free.

What are your goals and aspirations in terms of metal-related art? Are you interested primarily in logos, or do you hope to regularly create cover art for albums someday?

Well it depends on how the metal scene accepts me. Then I would go fully into album art. My mentor is RiddickArt. I’m a big fan of his works.


You are one of a very small group of artists creating such dark art in Nigeria. How is it received?

I am called a satanist all the time, but I couldn’t care less. I don’t care about the country. Metal is something that is part of me; I don’t force it. Most people see me as a weirdo, but my skills make people start liking it.

I understand you have a following on Instagram, including some members of well-known metal bands. Tell us a bit about that.

Yeah, I the had the lead guitarist of Fallujah following me and two members of A Hill to Die Upon following me on Instagram. They comment on my art works. It’s quite fucking awesome, like I always feel special when I can get that attention. I had Dreamshade follow me, Nuclear Blast, Rotweller Records, Wolfheart and so many more.



For those interested in your art of services, where can it be viewed online?


Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would say everyone is yet to see the best of me


Keep an eye on his work, for one day, he may have created artworks for some of your favorite bands. Support your local artist.

Tim Salter

I'm a huge supporter of the African metal/rock scene. My interest began with Wrust, Crackdust, and the Botswana scene. Then the Angolan scene caught my attention. Now I want to spread knowledge of the scene worldwide and spread metal in Africa to areas it has not yet reached. Every country in the world needs a metal/rock scene! I have a doom metal project called Doomcast, featuring Victor of Uganda's Vale of Amonition on vocals.


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