52 of the best African Metal songs from 2017


2017 was a pretty decent year for metal in Africa with vintage bands recording new albums, new bands dropping new releases and more shows performed around the continent. The recognition of African acts around the world continues in an exponential progression and it has been a joy to watch and listen.

This list contains one song per band and is in no specific order. Also included is each bands country of origin and a link to listen to releases from each individual band. So here we go with 52 bands for every week of the year.

The List

  • Ghofran by Worsens (Progressive Metal) Egypt
  • Observing by Brood of Hatred (Death Metal) Tunisia
  • Life or Coin by Thread of Omen (Melodic Death Metal) South Africa
  • El Hal Maba’ash ﺍﻟﺤﺎﻝ ﻣﺎﺑﻘﺎﺵ by Kato Hafez (Progressive/Doom Metal) Egypt
  • Everlasting Smile by Vielikan (Progressive Death Metal) Tunisia
  • Harvest Misery by Harvest Misery (Death Metal) South Africa
  • In Memoriam Aeternum by Frostagrath (Atmospheric Black Metal) Egypt
  • The Jar of Hate by Torpedo (Thrash Metal) Morocco

  • Limerence by Mad God (Doom Metal) South Africa
  • Esurience Guilfulness Omnipotence by Persona (Alternative/Symphonic Metal) Tunisia
  • Monarch of the Pale Heaven (The Saturn-Ruled) by Vale of Amonition (Progressive/Doom Metal) Uganda
  • Transcend Humanity by Abhorrent Anomaly (Technical Death Metal) South Africa
  • Deity and the Decadent by In Oath (Death Metal) Kenya
  • Overdose (feat. Jonny McBee of The Browning) by Treehouse Burning (Metalcore) South Africa
  • Dead To the World by Truth And Its Burden (Post Hardcore/Metalcore) South Africa
  • Wo by 1 Last Autograph (Post Hardcore/Metalcore) Nigeria


  • A Thousand Suns by Nelecc (Atmospheric Black Metal) Kenya
  • The Fourth hand of Vishnu by Extrisick (Instrumental Prog) Morocco

  • Funeral by Nebula Disrupt (Blackened Death Metal) South Africa
  • Nixon’s Nightmare by Solvia (Progressive Metal) South Africa
  • A Bloodless Ballet by Urban Vitamin (Alternative Metal) South Africa
  • Rites of Retribution by Doomcast (Black/Post Metal) Uganda/USA
  • The Beautiful Abyss (Featuring Amr Medhat) by Paul Martin (Power/Progressive Metal) Egypt/UK
  • Maldita Escura E Sombria by Nebulosa Difusa (Depressive Suicidal Black Metal) Angola 

  • The Infernal by Mythos (Groove Metal) Egypt

  • Violent Reality by Priest Killer (Death Metal) South Africa
  • Sons of the Silver Screen by Medjai (Heavy Metal) Egypt

  • This is Why by Nobormide NMD (Deathcore) Mozambique

  • Suicide Notes and Bloodshot Eyes by Red Helen (Progressive Metalcore) South Africa
  • Light of Freedom by Roar of Heroes (Gothic/Symphonic Metal) Cameroon

  • Dissolving the Bully by Irony Destroyed (Metalcore) Kenya

  • Unearth Hell by Devilspeak (Death/Thrash Metal) South Africa
  • Pokea Uponyaji by The Seeds of Datura (Progressive/Death Metal) Kenya
  • Blackened Sun by Maximum Carnage (Death Metal) South Africa
  • Invoke the Smoke by XavlegbmaofffassssitimiwoamndutfoabcwapwaeiippohfffX (Deathcore/Grindcore) South Africa

  • 1.11.11 by Catharsis  (Doom Metal) Egypt 

  • Malignant Misery by Displeased Disfigurement (Brutal Death Metal) South Africa
  • Consequences by Atlantic South (Metalcore) South Africa
  • Sanctum by Megalodon (Groove/Progressive Metal) South Africa
  • Screams of 1000 Deaths by The Fallen Prophets (Brutal Death Metal) South Africa
  • Genocide Number by Chaos Doctrine (Thrash/Death Metal) South Africa
  • Dead Inside by As Night Fades (Metalcore) Namibia

  • Perfect Disguise by All We’ve Known (Melodic Metalcore) South Africa
  • Defeating the Undefeated by DIVINE (Progressive Metal) Egypt

  • Seeds ov Betrayal by  ​Sinister Superstar(Black Metal) South Africa
  • All The Suns are Gone by Midwinter( Doom Metal) Egypt

  • Emptiness by Third World Party (Metalcore) South Africa
  • AlZar by HERA (Oriental Metal) Egypt

  • Penumbra by Emperor of Titans (Death Metal) South Africa
  • Holy War by Ill System (Alternative/Reggae Metal)
  • Forgotten Stones of Time by Osiris (Black Metal) Egypt
  • Unholy Righteousness by Outcast 44 (Nu Metal) Egypt

Did we miss out a band with a 2017 song you enjoyed? Tell us in the comments section.

Happy New Year.



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