[Album Review] Beyond the Seven Stars by Paul Martin

British musician Paul Martin released a new full length featured Amr Medhat, Enrico De Luca and Bruno Neves. Entitled “Beyond the Seven Stars,” the album was released in late 2017.

It is not the first cooperation between Martin and Medhat, as both are members of a British/Egyptian music collaboration project “Awaken Within.”

Beyond the Seven Stars” consists of nine tracks:

  • Starborn
  • The Silent Moon
  • Judgment of the Soul
  • The Beautiful Abyss
  • Premonitions
  • Watching the Skies
  • The Forgotten Traveller
  • Endless Rain

Martin still continues the same musical approach he started through his previous releases, you can distinguish well the classic musical vibes and influences in the music.

Let’s start with “Starborn” featured Amr Medhat, the track started with nice and gentle atmospheric sounds, then followed with happy and powerful guitar tunes till 2:05. The atmosphere of the track is so ambitious and happy, moreover, it reveals a beautiful relation between the individual and nature. In 2.05, the atmosphere of the music turned to deeper one. We have darkened riffs with brutal vocals as a tone of struggle, and strength. So, the track reflects the good and bad, the joy and the sorrow, which means the condition of the human soul.

Move to, “The Silent Moon,” which it is also featured Amr Medhat, It starts with very powerful and strong melodies, also, it carries various vocals types between clean, and brutal. The solo in 2:32 was so powerful and attractive. “The Silent Moon” could be considered as a continuation of “Starborn” atmosphere.

Now, let’s talk about one of my favourite tracks in the album “Judgment of the Soul” featured Bruno Neves and Enrico De Luca. Before talking about this track, I have a small note that I noticed, Paul Martin music and Amr Medhat vocals are accompanied together through Awaken Within releases, and most of Paul Martin solo project releases, so choosing Brune Neves was a smart choice. He is so talented, and his vocals delivered the required atmosphere of the track well, also his voice is somehow close to Medhat’s performance.

“Judgment of the Soul” musically was more complex and darker than the previous two tracks, The melodic notes of the track were so painful, as they are punishing the soul with every mistake and in the soul made. The solo was very good one, as it was pushing and hurting the inner rooms of the human.

Listed on the African Metal Charts, and in Audio Inferno’s list of best 52 African Metal tracks for 2017, “The Beautiful Abyss,” featured Amr Medhat, for me this track was good, but it is still not on the same level of the previous stuff.

Paul Martin carries certain criteria in musical composition as combining the sounds of space, the reflections of the universe, the classic tunes, and the employment of some atmospheric elements. The general mood of the music goes back to that of the 80’s and the 90’s and brings the sounds of classic Rock/Metal to your mind. ‘Beautiful Abyss’ carries something different which is simplicity, but too much of it. I didn’t like the idea of the repetition of riffs and lyrics, it got a little boring. On the other side, the vocals added more variety to the track; we have spoken, harsh vocals, and clean ones.

Premonitions” was a short track combined with electronic, and atmospheric effects, in my point of view, it has one message which is “The end is near.”

This is my opinion because the following track is “Watching the Skies,” featured Amr Medhat, the track was composed during Maria hurricane that destroyed a number of the American states. That’s why the track started harsh speed melodies, fast as the winds of the hurricane; also the brutal vocals portray the scenes of destruction.

This track as for me is like back to the track, as it is better than “The Beautiful Abyss.”

Upcoming next is “The Forgotten Traveller,” featured Amr Medhat; it is one of the most beautiful tracks on the album, so emotional. The track started with vocals only, it is like the singing of the lost walker in the desert, or on the shore, only nature and lonely vocals notes. The music which joined later, it is charming, magical and emotional.

Endless Rain” featured Amr Medhat, it is a nice track, the music somehow carries something different musical influences and different style.

Finally, “Beyond the Seven Stars” featured Amr Medhat, it begins with a female spoken part, then followed by amusing melodic tunes, and well-performed vocals. The harmony between the music and the vocals performance attracted me. Besides, there is a powerful variety of clean and brutal.

I liked also the movements of the track that was employed the length of it, especially when you meet a great solo in the middle of the track. But, I think that the last melodic part of the track could be shortened.

Finally, The album is an enjoyable and wonderful piece of art, especially the Forgotten Traveller.



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Rana Atef

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