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Very far from the image of machismo and cockiness which was sometimes spread, rock has also been used to express idea of love and romance, shining in his mellower side. Here’s a collection of classic soft rock songs, from the classics to the modern pop stars who experimented with the genre. Happy rock’n roll Valentine Day.

Your Latest Trick by Dire Straits |Soft Rock| (1985)

I think this song will enter my top 10 of classic soft rock songs. It’s so smooth and sensual, with Mark singing with a delicious baritone voice over a dreaming saxophone and a langorous distortion. It’s sooo romantic.

Brooklyn Baby by Lana Del Rey |Soft Rock • Dream Pop| (2014)

A warm and hippiesque ballad. Dan Auerbach saccharine and bluesy trademark guitars are sweeping gently while Lana claims her love to her Brooklyn Baby with her sultry and ethereal voice.

Prince Johnny by St Vincent |Soft Rock • Indie Rock • Art Rock| (2015)

A majestic and graceful ballad which seems frozen in the limbo of time, pure and unadulterated courtesy of Annie’s cristalline voice and the angelic gregorian like chants in the backwards.

To The Moon and Back by Savage Garden |Progressive Pop| (1997)

Savage Garden retained their pop sensibilities put it on extra heights with an adventurous and complex. Dark synths, a kind of caliente instrumental solo in the bridge, solid riffs and drums. And the apotheosis in the orchestral finale of the songs, where classical piano and violins soar dramatically in a beautiful climax.

Avalon by Roxy Music |Soft Rock • Sophisti-Pop| (1982)

This ballad is named after Avalon, the legendary Island of the Arthurian mythology. Like this Island, the song retains the same magical atmosphere propitious to evasion and reverie. Honorable mention for the soothing falsetto of the Haitan singer Yanick Etienne.

Ride Across The River by Dire Straits |Soft Rock| (1985)

The song has a latin feel with subtle touch of calypso which is absolutely exquisite. The sax (again), the dub bass guitar and the solid riffs are the highlights of the song. It’s pop, it’s rock, it’s sunny, perfect for a honeymoon under a tropical haven.

Sweet Talki’ Woman by Electric Light Orchestra |Progressive Pop • Disco • Art Rock| (1981)

One of the several experimentation of ELO with disco music. They managed to concile their artsy pop sensibilities, intricate harmonies with the lush orchestration (strings and piano, even violins which are constant trademark of ELO music) of the disco trend of this era.

Kiss It Better by Rihanna |Soft Rock • Electronic Rock • R&B| (2016)

A ballad which verges towards R&B and 80’s soft rock. Nuno Bettencourt and his majestic guitar play are just transfigurated both the synths driven production and Rihanna’s seductive voice. Perhaps one of the most enticing guitar heard in a soft rock inspired song with solid riffs and brilliant solos.

Innamoramento by Mylène Farmer |French Rock • Soft Rock| (2004)

The song title “Innamoramento” means in Italian describes the act of falling in love. Mylène describes in this tearfully and emotionally charged power ballad the doom of enduring an unrequited love.

(Don’t Fear) The Reaper by Blue Öyster Cult |Hard Rock • Psychedelic Rock| (1976)

A poetic and lyrical ballad full of allegory and metaphors about love, death and sacrifice . The melancholic vocal delivery of the singer adds a true emotional depth to the lyrics.

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