Nasamu Daniel, known professionally as “Dannas”, is a Nigerian, Urban Contemporary and Country–Rock singer, song writer and Indie- recording artiste, who believes that music, aside been a perfect medium of expression, should be issue based and consciously used as a tool to address various societal characteristics, ranging from social, political, religion, love and life in a positive perspective.

Born and raised in Ajaoukuta, Kogi state, to the family of Raphael Nasamu, Dannas always showed notable interest and love for music from his childhood days, which saw him attending various musical concerts that were held in the steel city.Over the years, his father had built up a fine collection of records featuring international and contemporary classics (from different genres) and Nigerian music, including, Dolly Parton, Abba, Bony M,Bob Marley, Peter tosh, Ginger Williams, Lijadu Sisters, Felix Liberty and Christy Essien, which he grew up listening to, alongside the contemporary songs aired on radio then.
On listening to music from the likes of Dolly parton, micheal W. smith,Jim brickman, Deep purple, U2, Peter Tosh, linkin park, in his musically formative years in the University, Dannas cannot be defined by or tagged to one particular genre of music. However, a good number of his musical works depicts non-fictional lyrical contents, laid out in the simplest of words, with befitting accompanying instrumentals, in a manner that surely reflects these divers genre’s in different measures. With a clear vocal tone as his defining signature, his singing and playing capabilities fall within the urban contemporaries, gospel rock, world, alternative rock, country-rock and soft rock music genres.

His last two years in the University, afforded him the opportunity of meetingwith Oladimeji Kunle, who taught him how to play his first “self-bought” acoustic guitar, which marked the beginning of his playing the guitar, singing and song writing career.
Although, yet to release his debut single titled; All I need,“Dannas” is bent on dishing out music that cuts across; international boundaries, religious borders, cultural beliefs and suitable for all age range. The ever conscious singer has been privileged to perform at various occasions, concerts and at reputable venues, within Nigeria. He has also been the sole headliner for “Teach Children to Save Summit ,Nigeria” (TCTS), since 2012- 2015 and have composed several, special purpose songs for various bodies.
The need for recorded materials to launch out with, necessitated his meeting and working closely with Prolific Music producers “Coldflames” and “Braide Opubo”, to bring his desired sound to life. Before this union, Dannas had recorded several songs which were unreleased for personal reasons and has recorded well, a number of songs, adequate to make more than two albums. When asked if he would welcome the luxury of a Music label or management, he smiles and says “as long as, it’s befitting and with mutually beneficial terms” he would gladly accept.


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