Ragi Akram : Vocal – Rythm Guitar
Omar Assem : Vocal – Bass
Ahmed Abdel Moneim: Lead Guitar
Mohamed Hesham : Drums
Ehab Sami – Lead Guitar

It all started when Ragi Akram and Ehab Sami “the ex members of KARMA” decided to do their own band by taking their new music as they were seeking a different and heavier taste that can be added to their music, so they contacted the rest of the band.
Ragi contacted “Mohamed Hesham” , Ehab contacted “Omar Assem” along with “Omar Damien” cuz they all got what the band really needed, Mohamesh Hesham with his potential and crazy attitude, Omar Damien with his melodic touch and his super skills, last but not least Omar Assem “The BEAST” with his amazing bass skills and his super brutal voice.

Now we’ve taken KARMA’s new Tracks and with the help of the guyz and putting their touch to the tracks,They totally changed and have gone to a different level.

Now as Ehab has traveled abroad so Ragi will be the rythm guitarist and Omar Damien will take the Lead , but we promise that Ehab will be with the band as soon as he’s here on a vacation.


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