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Jared Tyler

In Dreams Reunited!!!

After 6 years they are back and ready to fight.

Back in 2005: IN DREAMS earned their right to stand among S.A’s best. Playing gigs all over South Africa and filling venues with metal heads, hungry for some authentic brutal riffs. Their songs were played on 5FM and Radio Tuks 107.2. After signing to an alternative label they stepped into SABC studios to film their début single “FORGIVE ME”…..

“Very aggressive and very tight” – Donnay Torr, Jip BEELD 21/02/2005
“There are so many good bands in South Africa. Look at *Sacrifist, *IN DREAMS, *Crystal Dawn.” – Corne, Jip BEELD 02/05/2005

After this, relations quickly deteriorated between IN DREAMS & the label because of creative differences. Blood sweat and passion lead them to bring the whole machine to a screeching halt. If they couldn’t create music on their terms and give the metal community tunes that were 100% true to them… they damn well wouldn’t.

They say if you love something set it free. IN DREAMS thought: Fuck that! If you love something put it in a basement and feed it through a slot. And that is exactly what they did. With new tracks, demo’s recorded, writing, upcoming gigs and pure passion. They are back and ready to melt some faces.

Live venues all across the local scene are dying out. More and more bands realize that if they want to keep creating original music and keep pushing boundaries they need to stand together and be the change they want to see.

IN DREAMS is armed and ready to take up the fight…



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