Luke Griffiths (Guitar, vocals)
Alex Slavchov (Bass, vocals)
Ryan Ketcher (Drums)

Real metal heaviness with an emphasis on pure head banging groove. There is no genre discrimination here, this is a group focused on heavy metal in its purest form with scorching leads, pounding rhythm and driving beat. The classic head-bangers combo.

The variation of styles ranges from the guttural roar and gargantuan bass of Alex Slavchov to the pushed attack of Luke Griffiths’ guitar and vocal work. All of this is laid over the unyielding force of Ryan Ketcher behind the drum-kit.

After a few years in the making, Necramoth has become the metal machine it is today. But still the same goal exists today as it did at the very beginning. To recreate the metal that inspires what we do.



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