Vocals – Ayden Botha
Drums – Matthew Murison
Rhythm Guitar – Cara Golding
Bass – Ethan Brummer
Lead Guitar – Gage Ridley

Nethercyst is a metal band that was founded by Matthew Murison and Gage Ridley in 2013. We haven’t been able to label ourselves yet as genre but we say that we are a thrash/groove metal band incorporating loads of different styles into one to make some truely unique metal.

The band since grew from a simple idea to a full 5-piece band with Ayden Botha being the first to join as the vocalist following him was Brandon Munnik on bass, who later departed from the band. Ethan Brummer then joined as the bassist and Cara Golding joined soon after as our rhythm guitarist!

The name Nethercyst came from Ayden when we were in the stages of starting out and figuring out our sound. Ayden somehow came up with it and it grew on us.
We’ve since had the privilege to share the stage and gig with some well known bands like Arc Reactor, Forgive Us Not, Animus Fall, Atlantic South, All Guns Full Ammo.

Nethercyst has been well recieved so far for our great sound and tone that seems to be very unique. With our heavy vocals and insane guitar riffs, we’ve managed to create something that we are very proud of and that we hope everyone likes!


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