Past Haunts


Past Haunts is a rock band from Cape Town, South Africa, that formed in 2012.

Noise Fix owner and reviewer Steven Ilbury describes the band’s sound as “an incredibly infectious post-punk approach”, and the band is heavily influenced by acts such as Touché Amoré, Basement, Thrice, Balance and Composure, La Dispute and Pianos Become The lplmplplml
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During the writing of their second EP, Others, Past Haunts turned their focus to melodic, intricate chord structures with the energetic approach of punk rock and the introspective depth of bands like Sunny Day Real Estate.

The diverse sound on Others was noted, with Bucketlist Music Reviews describing the single Once Bitten as “an awesome pop rocker with just enough grit” and NoiseFix comparing the band to the likes of “Touché Amoré meets Fucked Up, with a hint of modern screamo”.

Past Haunts released their third EP, Afterthoughts, in April. A teaser was released on social media depicting a man falling through the earth, with a fifteen second clip of a new song, setting the theme for the EP. According to the band, Afterthoughts is a collection of songs that deal with personal histories – with the main focus being on the song Questions which deals with the recent loss of a loved one.


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