Rob – Vocals
Maks – Bass
Mike – Guitar
Gareth – Drums

Ten years running and Johannesburg’s REASON TO LIVE are still standing stronger than ever. A memorable journey filled with great moments in the South African hardcore history.

REASON TO LIVE started out early 2003 as 5 good friends who grew up together, finding their love for music together and building their strengths together. Having realised the positive impact of hardcore early on; REASON TO LIVE found their feet neatly planted in a growing scene where bands had to fend for themselves with little to no representation from bigger music organizations and labels.

Like most musical journeys, REASON TO LIVE have made their fair share of lineup changes. Slowly carving the correct amount of spirit, brotherly respect and love for their common passion whilst writing some of the most aggressive and relevant music found in modern hardcore. Today’s lineup encompasses the sound and energy of a band ready to take the necessary steps in furthering their musical journey.

Having toured South Africa several times along with countless appearances on mainstream music festivals like Woodstock, Lucky Fish and Thornfest. REASON TO LIVE have also had the honour of supporting many great international bands to the likes of Most Precious Blood (USA), Have Heart (USA), Shipwreck AD (USA), Through This Defiance (USA), No Turning Back (NL), Purify (FR), Bloodshed Remains (AU), CDC (USA) and The Ghost Inside (USA).

REASON TO LIVE have recently entered the studio to record an as yet untitled new EP. The boys are ready for an onslaught with a take no prisoners approach. Get ready for something heavy and tougher than nails.


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