The band comprises of four guys –
Ife (Vocals, Piano, Guitar, and Drums),
Timi (Vocals, Piano, and Guitar),
Iyke (Vocals, Drums) and
Tobi (Vocals, Guitar).

They’re a Nigerian band residing between Ogun State and Lagos State. They’re also Christians, and that is a vital part and influence in their lives they say. They’re a pop rock band, not a gospel band, they say Gospel is not a genre of music, that it only speaks to the influences. They want to change the way music is perceived in Nigeria – cause a gradual shift from the overemphasized Afro-Pop, Hip-Hop etc.
They’re four – Ife, Timi, Iyke& Tobi – with guitars, drum and keyboard spread across them – and they all take vocals.They met in school, Babcock University, where their mutual love foralternstive music caused us to create a one-time group for a church event, consequently resulting in their first composed song, this was at January 2012. They liked what they were able to accomplish so they decided to make it a more permanent setup. Iyke, the drummer, was going to name the group SPLASH, after the candy but the name RepJ kind of spoke to them. “We know it might sound corny but it’s more than just a name to us, it’s a reminder, and charge. People can only pretend they don’t know what it means.” They say they don’t have one lead singer, they’re about getting better every chance they get, so eventually each other skills might rub off. They draw inspiration from the works of many individuals and groups – Anthem Lights, Lecrae, The Script, Sanctus Real, Cohbams, The Fray, Switchfoot, to mention a few.


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