Electric Poodle-Vocals,Recorder,Guitars,Piano.
Matt Jam-Fit Oldog – Guitars.
Byron Granadilla Jive Dinwoodie – Bass and vocals.
Your Mom-Drums.

RuKuZ (formerly known as Hellucifix) is a self-proclaimed “Hobo Metal” band making its way in and around Cape Town, South Africa formed by guitarist Matt Oldog. They are heavily influenced by Pantera, Down, Mastadon and many others have unconventional metal elements like progressive metal, funk jam combinations, including the groove elements.

With their debut show at ROAR on the 21st of August 2012. RuKuZ has had regular shows at R.O.A.R, the opening performance of the metal stage at the 2012/2013 Rock the River festival and a slot at the 2014 Metal4Africa Summerfest under their belts, they find themselves craving MORE.

Trying to encourage original live music in the local scene, RuKuZ currently focus predominantly on song writing and live shows. They do, however, plan on releasing an album in the near future and doing a nation-wide tour to promote it.

With nearly two albums worth of original material, RuKuZ have no plans on slowing down. Fan-favourites include “Mother’s Love”, “The Addict” and “Goddamn Bobby SOB.” They also prove their metal with covers such as Black Sabbath’s War Pigs, Pantera’s 5 Minutes Alone, and Slayer’s Ghost of War.

Recently RuKuZ has released their single titled ” Mothers Love” on the Metal 4 Africa’s website, promising that there will be more in the near future.


After the departure of vocalist Joel Jardim and drummer Greg, RuKuZ was on the hunt for new members. For one year of bone grinding member hunting mayhem, something had to break. It did. In January 2015 Tanya A. Markowitsch completed the lineup that the RuKuZ crew had been looking for. With gigs lining up and the steam train known simply as RuKuZ is back on track.



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