Rage LiveCast Ep. 2: Rocktober Fest

This here can be considered an emergency Podcast. Gotta be honest here folks, I had to do this podcast fast.  I wanted to talk about Metal and Romance on Friday, which I still will (spoilers) but that ship got held back easy (for this totally random podcast) all because of an image surfaced online! Yes people, Rocktober Fest WILL be happening again this year brought to you by the good folks from RockNationNG. So, at this point, they seem to be the go to people we reach out to when there’s a rock show, gig, party or concert happening. They have the experience so yea, we say fair play to them.

I missed the last Rocktober Fest because I moved to Pittsburgh (PITTSBURGH!!!!!!!! WOOOOH HOOOOOO, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) last year. Still I was able to gather a whole lot of information about the event and I heard a whole lot of stories, good, bad, awesome and terrible. It seemed like a well balanced mix really so I figured I’d used this podcast episode to talk about what I feel are the “Things we Would Like to See.”  And there are aplenty but I figured I’d just sum them all up in about 15mins or less so there you have it.

I think the very idea of Rocktober Fest is a brilliant one! it has the potential to grow into all the festivals we hear of from South Africa for instance (you guys make us so jelly by the way, no fair.) I mean, you have to start some place right. The sad news for me here is I will be missing this year’s Rocktober Fest, it’s a habit now, I can’t help myself but you know for a fact the guys at AudioInferno will be there covering the entire event. We talking videos too this time around, because you know, everyone loves those. So we have you guys covered out there easy, no sweat, it’s all on us.

Song Featured on the PodcastHardwired by Metallica 


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