Trust Us: 10 songs by African Rock bands to check out!

Poverty of Ideals, RASH, Persona, BULLETSCRIPT, Shortstraw, M’vula, Forfeit Thee Untrue    264


We finally got around to reviving our YouTube channel! Yeah, we know it’s been dead for a while now but, at least, we’re back. We will be trying to do this video thing a bit regularly. The hope is we can churn out videos bi-weekly. This is the first video in our aptly titled “Trust Us” series. After you watch it, you’ll understand why we chose that name.

The idea behind the video is simple: 10 African rock bands we believe you should check out. We highlight popular foreign bands that we think sound like these guys. We tried to pick as many genres as we could to showcase the diversity of African Rock and Metal music available. The bands represented come from all over the African continent: Nigeria, Angola, Kenya, South Africa and Tunisia. And represent diverse genres from Indie Rock all the way to Death Metal.

Of course, being the first video, there’s a lot wrong with it but we will do our best to improve as we get the hang of making regular videos. Please do drop your comments and thoughts on this initial effort. All criticism and suggestions are sincerely appreciated! You can trust us on that!

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Voiceover: AxlPif

Producer:  NosMass

Script Writer: NosMass

Editor: Gbenga Ajide

Executive Producer: Iced O

Special thanks go out to all the featured African bands: The Plastics, Taxi Violence, Shortstraw, Rash, M’vula, The Isomers, Persona, Forfeit Thee Untrue, Bulletscript and Poverty Of Ideals. Please do take your time to check out their music! We will be doing our best to cover even more music from more African bands in our upcoming videos. You’re in the right place if you want to discover something new!

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